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Jet Peinture Plus Inc.
The specialists of propane tank refurbishing

Industrial paintwork and sandblast of all kinds

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. is specialized in propane tank refurbishment. We perform requalification, inspection, industrial painting and repairs on propane tanks ranging from 33 lb. to 2000 gallon. To ensure a quality service, our company offers shot blasting machines (abrasive blasting) of superior precision, ensuring exceptional results.

To increase the lifespan of your propane tanks, Jet Peinture Plus Inc. does a thorough job of stripping, repairing and painting. Since propane tank inspections are required every 10 years, Jet Peinture Plus Inc. will keep your tanks in good condition longer thanks to exemplary quality work.

tank cylinder refurbisher

Propane tank refurbishing

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. propane tank refurbishing services include a twelve-month warranty.

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Certified paint

Tank recertification

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. has certifications authorizing external visual inspection of any propane tank.

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Tank lids

Tank lids

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. sells polypropylene plastic lids designed to fit tanks ranging from 200 to 420 lb.

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For Quality Polypropylene Certified Paintwork
Call Jet Peinture Plus Inc.'s Specialized Services

In addition to propane tank services, Jet Peinture Plus Inc. offers blasting services (abrasive blasting, sandblast) and painting on a multitude of other products (steel structures, trailers and more).

Abrasive blasting (sandblast)

Abrasive blasting (sandblast)

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. also offers shot blasting (sandblast) services on all types of machinery.

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Polypropylene Paintwork

Industrial Paintwork

Jet Peinture Plus Inc. does polypropylene painting in addition to their other refurbishment services.

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